Michael is our favorite presenter at the Margaret Chase Smith School! We look forward to his visit every year. Our new principal came to my classroom this afternoon and said, “He was the best presenter he has ever seen in his 25 years of being in education!” I said, “I know, that’s why we’ve had him back for over 13 years!”

Thank you !


Sanford ME

Kirsten was great! She arrived with plenty of time to set up and was very polished and professional. She really held the interest of the whole group and the children really were able to connect with her. My daughter who is normally very shy was able to talk to her with no problem. That is not a skill that everyone has and really speaks to her teaching abilities. The adults had a great time too. We are going to keep you in mind for our summer events for next year.


Brookfield VT

I can’t say enough about how great Mack was with the kids. We had no idea how many would show up and we had a large group of 75-ish. Mack had them entertained and involved in the show right from the start. He has such a positive enthusiastic attitude and the kids responded so well to him. We received many compliments from the parents who attended the show also. One of our best programs this summer! Thank you so much Mack… it was a great time!!


Haverhill MA

Emmalee was fantastic. I have a really wide range of learners in my class, and she was able to hold everyone’s attention for the full hour! Parents have been sharing the student’s excitement about this from home too! The show exceeded my expectations!!



Mike, Connecticut Yankee Council, the ConnJam 2015 Committee, and I would like to thank you  for your participation in our Midway at ConnJam 2015.  You certainly helped to make this a very successful event for the 4,000 people in attendance.  All of our Scouts, Scouters, and family members enjoyed viewing your display and learning more about Rainforest Reptile. They didn’t just enjoy it, they LOVED it. You were so busy all day long…it was great.  Thank you so much for making the journey down to Orange. We are always looking for exciting, educational, and fun things for our Scouts and their families to do.  Thank you again, for providing such a great experience for them and for your support of Scouting and ConnJam. We look forward to working with you at ConnJam 2018.”


Orange CT

Hello Joan,

I just wanted to send a quick note of thanks to you for such a wonderful show! We had 57 kids–many of whom were quite young– and 34 adults. Your son held their attention for the entire hour! As someone who regularly does programming with kids, I can attest to what a feat that is.  We had tremendously positive feedback from all who attended. I can’t thank you enough for accommodating us on such short notice and making the end-of-summer celebration so special!  We will be in touch again, as we’d love to have you back.

Best regards


Scituate MA


Hi Joan, The Morse School was over the moon with such amazing show last Friday. The teachers and students keep talking about how much fun they had. Your presenter was truly gifted in working with kids. His age appropriate humor and knowledge of the animals deserves him a raise:) We will look forward to booking another show next year!


Cambridge MA

Hi Joan, I’m so grateful Wendy recommended your organization!  Thanks Wendy (and thanks for coming too!). We were so happy with Michael’s presentation of Reptiles Rock at Fox Hill!  From the kids’ expressions and attention to the show you could tell they were captivated by the animals and Michael’s presentation. Thanks so much for helping to make our school fundraiser a success.

If I’m involved in planning this event next year, you’ll be hearing from me again! Many thanks


Burlington MA


Dear sirs: I wanted to send a “snail mail” note of thanks to your location but couldn’t find a mailing address listed on your tri-fold brochure or on your website. So let me just send this e-mail telling you what a wonderful presentation with the children “Amy” did at the Cape Codder Resort & Spa, Hyannis, MA on July 3. She started with addressing the kids on their level and continued throughout the entire presentation. She was always educating them, and providing many bits of knowledge to us older folks at the same time but never letting the information get beyond the kids understanding. Amy made those kids the center of attraction with the reptiles being a topic of her immediate discussion. Amy did an outstanding job of being patient and providing a great deal of knowledge / educational material about each of the reptiles she had on display. My grandchildren were in awe over that show! It was one of many highlights of their holiday which they have been talking about ever since.

Please be certain to tell “Amy” what a truly magnificent children’s presentation she put on that day!

Best regards


Hyannis MA

Thank you !! Thank you!! Thank you!! The show was fantastic.  Everyone enjoyed themselves and commented how great the show was for all.  Everyone thought the presenter was great handling both the animals and the kids.

Thank you again.


Wellesley MA

2012, 2011

Hello, I wanted to make a point of writing in compliments of the young man who made the presentation Saturday, February 25th at Sunday River (Maine). I am sad that I can’t remember his name but he made such an impression on me, my husband and six year old daughter. Funny as it may be, we were vacationing that weekend… I’ve never seen a presentation with such enthusiasm, sincere engagement of the audience, patience and knowledge in a realistic manner. I actually took the time to speak with the young man because I wanted to forward the information to my daughter’s elementary school (also my employer).  As a Special Education teacher I appreciate the few who can engage children with ease and visibly love doing it! The young man is an asset to your program and deserves a HUGE pat on the back!!


Newry ME

Hi Michael, I just want to say thank you for our amazing assembly today!  It was so much fun for the kids to see their teachers wrapped up in the snake, and it was definitely the high light of our school year.   All our teachers have come up to me to say how impressed they were with Brendan.  He really made the show.  He had excellent pacing, was engaging and funny, and really was able to read the crowd.  Someone said, “He was made for this role!” The kids and adults really enjoyed the humor he included.  He instinctively knew when the kids needed to be settled down and was really good about using our school wide signals.  He was so patient in letting every kid have a chance to pet the alligator and ask their questions.  We could not have been happier with the way the assembly went and would recommend Rainforest Reptiles to any school.   Please pass along our thanks to Brendan.

Thank you so much!


Somerville MA