What Is RRS (Reptile Refuge and Animal Sanctuary) OASIS:

RRS OASIS stands for Reptile Refuge and Animal Sanctuary. We are a 501 (C) (3) nonprofit organization based in Beverly, MA. RRS OASIS provides food, housing, and veterinarian services for over 1000 animals. This giving organization was started to provide funding for the animals needs. Prior to 2016 these animals were cared for through Rainforest Reptile Shows an educational program. All funds at that time were received out of pocket through the founders of Rainforest Reptile Shows. With the large numbers of animals coming in from seizures from Law Enforcement/Fish and Wildlife service, abuses and just unwanted pets, the financial burden has become unsustainable. Many of these animals would have been euthanized, but are now receiving a second lease on life.

If you would like to make a difference in some of our 1000 animals lives CLICK HERE!

Our Mission:

It is our passion to provide these animals with the best quality life for the rest of their natural life no matter what their prior circumstances were. All lives matter, no matter how big, small, fur, or scales. It is our promise to make this animal sanctuary a place for unwanted animals to feel wanted again!

Our Kickoff Fundraiser on May 22nd of 2016:

Our RRS OASIS Fundraiser was a huge hit! Together we raised over $4,000. All of the funds raised are going directly towards the animal sanctuary which includes feeding, housing, cleaning, providing veterinary care to our animals, and giving them the best quality of life possible, and it’s all thanks to you! This money directly supports animals like Fred, the American alligator, and Venus, the albino reticulated python, the ambassador animals that had the pleasure of meeting all of our fantastic guests! We had the pleasure of having Wendy Pavelick, Director of the Burlington Science Center, who gave a spectacular presentation with a live Great Horned Owl.

Michael our General Curator and the Rainforest Team gave a show stopping presentation showcasing many different species of animals from the animal sanctuary starting at large lizards, to snakes, to even alligators. The response was overwhelmingly positive from our over 200 guest. Many attendees requested that we host more of these events. People attended from all over New England and beyond. During the entire event families had the opportunity to learn, up close about all different live species of animals . Opportunities were had by everyone to take pictures with animals such as George, the savannah monitor lizard, Tulip, the boa constrictor, and the chance to meet animals like anacondas and crocodiles up close.

If you would like to make a difference in some of our 1000 animals lives CLICK HERE!

Poster Station- Everyone had the opportunity to learn about RRS Oasis, Wendy and falconry, and the Rainforest Reptile Show staff who donated their time to the host the event!

Silent Auction- All of the donations that we recieved to silent auction at the event

Touching ball python- A few of our guests getting to learn and touch some of the animals!

US Fish and Wildlife Table- A table set up that shows different artifacts donated to us by US Fish and Wildlife that were illegal to have and confiscated

Venus- One of the animals who was used during the shows a 20 ft 225LB reticulated python!