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Here are some ideas of what each donation will give us a chance to renew:

  • $25- Hide boxes for the animals to feel safe at all times, and ceramic water bowls.
  • $50- This would provide us with one trip across the state to pick up an abandon, abused, surrendered, or confiscated animal.
  • $75-New small filter for a Crocodilian(Alligator, crocodile, caiman, or gharial) or aquatic turtle to help their water stay clean and healthy!
  • $100- New motor for filter for large 1500 gallon crocodilian pool to help it continue to run smoothly.
  • $250- This would pay for brand new housing for 10 of our smaller snake species and give them more space to roam around. This could also pay for a brand new enclosure for one of our 8-12 foot snakes and help to give them the best quality of life.
  • $500- A donation this size could help to give us a new 4 foot freezer to help keep the animals food from spoiling. This sized donation could also go to help buy a new enclosure for one of our largest snakes of about 20 feet in length!
  • $1000- This would cover the cost of build a brand new winter enclosure for our largest tortoises weighing up to about 100 pounds!
  • $2000- This would pay for a brand new 1500 gallon crocodilian pool and help to house alligators or crocodiles of up to about 8 feet in length.



List of items needed and price tags:


Small Scale Items

  • Ziploc Bags-$3
  • Scrub Pads and Brushes-$5
  • Bath size towels- $5-$7
  • Blue and green painters tape-$7
  • Broom and dust pan-$10
  • Heavy Duty Trash Bags-$13
  • Heavy Duty Tarps-$15
  • Large bag of Cypress Mulch for Animal Bedding-$22
  • Extension Cords 10 or 12 ga.-$25
  • Zoo Med Heat Pads-$30

Large Scale Items

  • Professional Laminating Machine-$300
  • Enclosure Rack for up to 20 Different Animals-$450
  • Stainless Steel Tables-$500

Custom Amount

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All of our animals are receiving a second lease on life! Every animal came to us from abusive situations, were surrendered pets, or confiscated by law enforcement. All donations go towards the animals food, vet work, new enclosures, and many more essentials to give the animals the best lives possible!