These are just a few of the animals that have come to us throughout the years through either police confiscations, were abused animals, or someone’s unwanted pets…

Radiated Tortoise

This is one of the most endangered animals in the whole entire world! This animal was someone’s pet in the state of Maine that was confiscated by Maine Game Wardens. This animal is illegal to own in Maine due to its critically endangered status.

Carpet Python

This animal was given to us by a snake owner in the state of New Jersey, along with six other snakes.

Urocoan Rattlesnake

This animal was confiscated from the owner in Connecticut by Environmental Police officers. This animal is illegal to own without proper permits in Connecticut

Smooth Fronted Caiman

This animal was confiscate by Massachusetts Environmental Police officers. All crocodilian species are illegal to own in Massachusetts without proper permitting.

Sudan Plated Lizard

This animal was given to us due to the owner, in Connecticut, being unable to care for it anymore.